Kick-off your new brand with SMGM

We help brands to go global from day one, indulging global approach to maximize business opportunities


Why choose SMGM?

1. Global Brand From The Start

Covering global online and offline visibility from the US to Europe to Asia Pacific.

2. PR + Advertising

Getting featured in global magazines and iconic places around the world.

3. Fast Branding Worldwide

Raising awareness from New York's Time Square to global media coverage.

3 months Gobal+ plan

1st Month

- Advanced online media coverage in US, Europe and Asia Pacific including China
- 20 guaranteed online media publications
- 100+ online media reprinted publications

2nd Month

- Continuity of advanced online media coverage in US, EU and APAC incl. China
- Offline advertising in world's iconic places such as NYC Nasdaq Tower & Thomson Reuters Tower
- 30 guaranteed online media publications
- 150+ online media reprinted publications

3rd Month

- Continuity of advanced online media coverage in US, EU and APAC incl. China
- Exclusive advertising in world's top airports
- Premiere TV advertising on global media such as BBC
- Online advertising via global premiere media sites such as WSJ and Bloomberg
- 50 guaranteed online media publications
- 200+ online media reprinted publications

*The 'Global+' plan covers reach of custom target audiences including global professional and institutional investors for B2B clients, and average global consumer as well as local consumer for B2C clients. The plan includes content and advertising manager assisting client with fast content and commercial creative solutions.

*The 'Global+' plan is recommended for companies which are launching a new brand and wants to maximize global brand awareness and build strong brand's reputation fast. For less aggressive advertising solutions we provide less customized 'Global+' plan recommended for local companies which wish to take their business a step further and aim to get global awareness.

*Customized 3 months 'Global+' plans are available for startups and SMEs.

Our Unique Edge To Clients

Things Done Fast

We value time. Our competence allows us to deliver solutions to clients quickly enabling clients to gain business faster.

Image Building Priority

We understand the importance of client's public image. Our main objective is to create a strong and powerful brand's image.

Quality and Quantity

Quantity is done through speedy solutions and quality is done by professional team. To deliver the best, we provide the best.